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Podcasting and business strategies to help you simplify the process, balance podcasting and life, and grow your business.

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Growing Your Podcast Audience

Dec 18, 2019

Do you know your audience? Bonnie and Emily talk about the lifeblood of your podcast on this week's Work Your Podcast episode!

We give you some things to keep in mind to help you build your podcast audience and nurture the ones you have in this episode.

We even go behind-the-scenes and talk about our own audiences we create the podcast and our other online content for — if you’re reading these show notes, for example, that might be you!

“Money cannot buy advertising like somebody else’s words.” — Emily Prokop

“You’ve got to know who your audience is in order to best serve them.” — Bonnie L. Frank

Some tips we share

  • Create your show for your Ideal Listener/Ideal Client Avatar. Think about them when you are planning your business and podcast.
  • Encourage the audience you have at first to share with their friends — most likely they are friends with others like them (and also like your Ideal Listener or Client).
  • Most of us aren’t ready or have the time or money to grow our podcasts with ads. But the word-of-mouth from your listeners is priceless.
  • Think of your audience as people instead of stats. 
  • 9:48 — Emily shares a great exercise to help you visualize your audience. 
  • You will never know just how far your reach is and how far it can go!
  • How are you engaging with the audience you have? Show them how you want to be treated.
  • We give our own example of how we, as hosts, want to engage with our audience — Screenshot & Share!
  • Respect your audience’s time. This is where editing can come in.
  • Thank you, Dave Jackson, for helping Bonnie out with her Rodecaster Pro!
  • Next week, we’re going to dive into Tech so make sure you are subscribed!

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Meet Your Hosts

Bonnie L. Frank is an online visibility expert and business coach, a former teacher and college professor-turned-entrepreneur overnight, and if you follow her online, she’s usually live streaming.


Emily Prokop is a podcast editor and consultant, the host of two award-nominated podcasts, and if you follow her online, you’ll get a reminder to drink your water.

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