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Nov 1, 2019

What does "Subscribe to the Podcast" mean?

When you subscribe to a podcast, it means that when a new episode is released, it will show up automatically in your podcast app so you can listen to it right away!

Does it cost money to subscribe to a podcast?

For most podcasts, the answer is NO!

Podcast apps may cost money, but many are free and are already available on your phone!

If you're an iPhone user, Apple Podcasts is absolutely free. It's the purple app that comes pre-installed when you buy your iPhone.

Are you on an iPhone now and want to subscribe? Click here!

If you're an Android user, Google Podcasts is absolutely free and, while it doesn't show up on new Android phones, you can download it here.

This is where the link for Work Your Podcast will go, once the show is active on Google Podcasts ;)

Where can I find Work Your Podcast in my podcast app?

Find your podcast app here!

Google Podcasts coming soon!






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Can I listen to Work Your Podcast on my Smart Speaker?

Well, we all know Smart Speakers are a little finicky, but our show is available with Amazon Echo because it's on TuneIn!

Check this out:

"Alexa, play Work Your Podcast podcast on TuneIn radio."

As soon as Work Your Podcast is available on Google Podcasts, you'll be able to say, "Hey Google, play Work Your Podcast podcast."

Be sure to add the extra "podcast" at the end of Work Your Podcast when you're asking for it! ;)

How can I search for and subscribe to Work Your Podcast?

Click here to watch a video of how to find and subscribe to Work Your Podcast (or any podcast) in Apple Podcasts.

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